Thursday, September 28, 2006

New Transaction Tracking System

The New Transaction Tracking System is in place. A simple but professional method for you to know what paperwork we have received and what we are missing. Lets you know when your clients file is complete. Shows what corrections are needed, if any.

Log on the go to the RESOURCES tab, scroll down to CFR AGENT ONLY, click and log in. ( ID cfr agent - PW agent ) Once you are logged on, you will find the Transaction Tracking System, click, find your name, click again and find your clients. Each client will have a TRANSACTION SYSTEM CONTROL SHEET. There are three types of control sheets. ( Listings, New Build, & Resale Purchase ) The whole system is very easy to read and understand, once you have went through it a couple of times. If you have any questions on how to use the system, please call and we will be happy to walk you through the process. The Transaction Control Sheets will be in PDF format. The download for Adobe Reader is in the same section under free downloads.

Once you send the corrected or additional paperwork in you will see it change on the Tracking System, normally within 72 hours.

This is just another way Clients First Realty, LLC is trying to assist you during your transaction.

Good Listing and Selling - WMS/DB

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ordering Business Cards Online

It is 'Company' policy that Agents can create and buy their business cards wherever they want. They must use a company approved logo. CFR management must proof and approve the final draft.

We have found that pricing from print companies varies a tremendous amount. In an attempt to assist the new agents, the 'Company' has through Print Firm, Inc., an online printer, created a simple and reasonable card template that any agent or employee can use. Just plug in your picture and personal information and your new cards will be shipped to you, normally, within 48 hours.

Just go to the corporate website,, click on the RESOURCE tab, scroll down to #810 to order your business cards. Click through and you will be connected to Print Firm, Inc. and Clients First Realty, LLC's card template page. We will be adding card templates from time to time that you will be able to pick from. If you create your own card and you want to share your design with other CFR personnel, it may become a template choice also.

The back of your Print Firm business card can come with an annual calendar, printed mortgage calculator or you can leave it blank. Because these cards are in template form, there is an limited amount of things that can be done (your picture, personal connect information and 'back of card' options).

We have found the pricing $50 to $75 per thousand is about half the price over local pricing, which normally runs $90 to $150 per thousand (unless you have a friend in the printing business).

Print Firm, Inc is a nationwide client base company, used by a large number of well known organization (Re/Max, Century 21, etc.).

CFR is making this business item available to CFR personnel as a convenience. Again, this is NOT a directive or mandatory item. Only use it, if YOU choose too.

Talk to you soon, WMS

Thursday, September 21, 2006

"Reddy Realty" Jumps For Clients 1st

Hi Everyone

We need to Welcome some new people to the Company; Susan Harvey from High Profile Realty, Patrick Nguyen from Pro Alliance, Gidget Garcia and Jenny Sample from Westford College. CFR is extremely proud to have these four new members.

Remember, we need to sign up 90 more agents by the end of the year. Please send any of your agent referrals to Bill or Vickie. It’s worth $100 to you, if they sign up.

Vickie O’Neil, Director of Agent Services, is always available to answer your questions and is the person you should go to, if for some reason you can not reach your DB (which does not happen to often!).

Please let us know if you want to sit an open house or if you have one you need someone to attend for you.

We have added several new features to the Corporate Website. Please check it out when you have time.

Chicago Title offers on going educational classes and all you have to do is call them and let them know you want to attend a class. I have known Judy Powell, a Chicago Title Manager and a Certified Real Estate Trainer, for years and know you will enjoy attending any of her instructional classes.

Chicago Title Insurance Company
North West Office- Class Schedule
September-December 2006

Friday 10-06-06 (3 RENEWAL Hours)
Cost Sheet Class**

• Class No. C5939-General Credit Hours
• How to accurately prepare and understand all of the charges as well as learn where they originate. Please bring a calculator with you to class. You will soon be an expert at doing them yourself with or without a computer program.
• Check out our Chicago Agent Cost Sheet Software it will do them in seconds it will be presented at the meeting for you!

Friday 10-20-06
How to Create Immediate Buyer Business

• Learn how to identify Best Buyer Contact Areas
• Structure a Personal Buyer Contact System
• Produce lasting results by Goal Setting
Get great new ideas to take your business to the next level!

Thursday 11-09-06
Residential Resale Purchase Contracts** (3 RENEWAL Hours)

• Class no. C4920- Contract Law Credited Class
• Understanding the ins and outs of the NEW contract
• Become an expert at filling out contracts
• How to protect yourself against misunderstandings
• A Must for all Realtors

Friday 11-15-06 (3 RENEWAL HOURS)
1031 Tax Differed Exchanges TPX -Dave Tornell, Instructor

• Legal Issues Credited Class
• Assist your investor clients with the best financial strategies for their investment or income properties
• Learn which properties qualify for exchanges
• Learn how to increase your clients’ cash flow, depreciation write-off and increase their overall net assets


CLASSES ARE TAUGHT BY JUDY POWELL, Certified Real Estate Trainer

CLASSES START AT 9 am (approximate duration: 3 Hrs)
RSVP to OR CALL (602) 863-6979

Classes are held at Chicago Title Insurance Co. (Northwest Office)
15810 N. 35th Ave Phoenix. AZ (between Greenway & Bell Rd)