Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's Getting Better and We Are Getting Bigger !!!

Let's welcome our 20 newest agents: Shawn Abadie, Dan Clem, Ana Coggin, Angie Gardner, James Gardner, Katie Gehart, Michael Gehart, 'Bruni' Goettsche, Jennifer Harris, Pat Holt, Jacqueline Klein, Ken McNaughton, Robin Mingle, Sheila Noel, Kim Petrie, Emanuela Regus, Edwin Soriano, Peter White, Jerry and Marla Wicks ... As always we are very proud of the caliber of agents we draw to the company ... Our agents average almost 8 years experience ... this is great for the company and the clients ...

Happy Birthday to our September Agents

09-02 Dean Stevens
09-07 Cliff Allen
09-11 Lester Tang
09-12 Heather Pursley
09-13 Chris Frank
09-13 Gloria Ortega
09-14 Junise Moise
09-16 ‘Angie’ Gardner
09-22 Lina Zavaleta
09-23 Laura Ohmer
09-26 Dan Clem
09-28 Peter Schaumloeffel
09-28 Emma Regus

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Ana Quintero-Coggin, a new member to Clients First Realty, LLC. Ana is a Managing Broker with CFR and is heading up the 'Agent Acquisition and Development' department out of Corporate. Please assist Ana with her recruiting efforts and feel free to call her.

She is a real people-person and I believe her knowledge and guidance will be of great value to you and your clients. The attached link will give you additional information on Ana:

We have doubled the size of CFR since last October and we continue to grow. Our thanks to the Agents, Brokers and Staff Members of this company for all of their support. We are building a strong corporate foundation that will endure the current market conditions and allow us to maintain a positive attitude and approach when conducting business for our clients.

Our strength, as always, is created and generated by our people and the people they bring into our company ... please continue to nudge your fellow REALTORS in our direction ... word of mouth and you have built CFR ... please continue to do the great job you have done in the past ... thus guaranteeing our future ...

Each month, more and more transactions are being turned in ... over 80% of them are getting closed ... this closing ratio is a 30% improvement over last year ... we are tracking currently to write 3 to 4 times the number of transactions over our 2007 volume ...

It is our responsibility to be successful under the conditions as we find them ... we don't control the conditions, but we do control our attitudes and the way we approach our business ... if you say business is great, you are right ... if you say business is NOT great, you are also right ...

Positive breeds positive and negative breeds 10X's faster ... just focus on what you can be thankful for and the current times will continue to improve ...