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Special Real Estate Report:
"The 1 2 3 of Home Buying, Made Easy"

By William M. Slaughter, P.C., REALTOR / Designated Broker

Congratulations! Buying your own home is one of the smartest financial decisions you will ever make. For most Americans, the equity that they build in their home is their biggest source of wealth.

I realize that buying a home can be a stressful undertaking. Whether this is your first home purchase or your twentieth, you want things to go as smoothly as possible with no last minute surprises.

This guide is designed to familiarize you with how the whole system works, and make you as comfortable as possible about the home buying process.

As your real estate agent, I will represent your best interests throughout the entire process.

The first step is to meet with the mortgage company to be pre-approved for your loan (unless you are paying all cash). This first step is very important for several reasons.

Once you are pre-approved, you can shop for your new home in confidence, knowing that you won't have any problems getting the loan.

Many buyers who skip this step and just go out house hunting are unsure and nervous when they find a home that they like, because they don't really know for sure if they will be approved for the loan.

Loan underwriters have specific rules and guidelines they must follow. Many would-be homebuyers have been dismayed and disappointed to find out 2-3 weeks after they enter a contract that the lender has turned them down.

Please realize that one of the biggest fears a home seller has is that they will enter a contract with a buyer, prepare to move, and then find out that the buyer didn't qualify.

When you get pre-approved first, we will obtain a letter from the loan company stating the amount that you are approved for. When shown to a seller, the letter makes the seller feel more comfortable, and will add more power for us in negotiations. Many of the best homes can have several offers on them at the same time from different buyers. Often, the buyer that can show that they are already approved for their loan will get the house.

The bottom line is that getting pre-approved for your loan first means stress-free home shopping AND more leverage with the seller!

You can use any lender you wish, but I do have a group of Bankers and Brokers that have assisted my clients on past transactions. I have total confidence in this group of professionals. They can meet or beat the interest rate and pricing of any other lender, plus you will never be at the mercy of someone neither one of us knows - just waiting around helplessly trying to find out the status of your loan.

The home buying process is quite complicated, and nothing will throw a wrench into things faster than a mortgage company that drops the ball.

You may have already met with the lender. If not, here is a general list of items you should bring to your Loan Officer.

1) W-2 (2 years) & current pay stubs
2) Past 2 years pay history for landlord/mortgage company
3) Employment information (2 year history)
4) All bank account numbers and balances
5) Last 3 month's bank statements
6) Open loans - names, addresses, account #, balances, monthly payments
7) All information on any other real estate loans
8) Drivers license or other photo ID
9) Check for credit report
10) Certificate of eligibility or DD214 (VA loan only)
11) Self employed: Last 2 year's complete tax returns, year to date Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet

The next step is for you to come into the office for your initial consultation. We will sit down and evaluate your situation, and determine if it is in your best interests to proceed with buying a home at this time.

If you decide to move forward, the next step is to complete the buyer-broker agreement that authorizes me to represent your best interests.

I can then assist you every step of the way. This includes advising you about the community and specific areas, values, trends, and helping you pick the home. I also will assist with the financing, structure the contract, and handle all the negotiations.

I also coordinate all of the details with the title/escrow company, mortgage company, appraiser, inspector, other real estate agents, etc. throughout the entire process.

You can rest assured that everything will be handled properly. Clients First Realty, LLC is a professional real estate organization, with over 20 top agents. We complete hundreds of real estate transactions each year, that total in the millions.

I, as your Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) and Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), will be hired by you to represent your best interests. My Buyer/Broker fees are transaction generated and are normally charged to the Seller's proceeds at Close of Escrow. Sometimes there are special arrangements made, but usually, there are no up front charges regarding my compensations.

The next step is to determine the features and benefits that you are looking for in a home. We will review items such as:


We will do a computer search on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) system and find a group of homes that meet your desired criteria. We will then start to eliminate homes one by one until we have settled on the right property for you. Many potential buyers prefer to drive around on their own searching for the right property, however, we have found after years of experience that this process usually is an 'exercise in futility'. You should use your REALTOR'S expertise, experience and guidance during this elimination process.

Consider your REALTOR as your real estate LIFEGUARD. He or She is there to protect your best interest in any transaction. There are a number of 'discovery' and 'disclosure' items that must be addressed on any potential property, whether RESALE or NEW BUILD COMMUNITY type homes. My best advice to you is 'get your moneys worth'. Use your REALTOR throughout the entire home buying process.

Once we find the home that best meets your needs, we will write up the purchase agreement and other necessary paperwork. Our goal is to get you the home that you want for the best possible price and terms, and we will discuss strategy for accomplishing this goal.

Once we have a accepted contract, our next step is to get a property inspection. Please remember this; NEVER buy any real estate on the resale market without a property inspection. This must be done within the first ten days after contract acceptance.

A day or so prior to closing we will conduct a "final walk-through" inspection to make certain that all items specified to stay with the home are still there, and to verify that all heating/cooling, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and other systems are in proper working order.

There are many different forms and papers involved in the home buying process, and we know that can be a little scary to some people. You will be furnished copies of the necessary forms to be used in your transaction. We will review all of them at our first meeting to make sure you are familiar and comfortable with them. This straight forward approach is necessary for your peace of mind, confidence and trust throughout the home buying process. (NO SURPRISES!!!)

The average time from getting the contract accepted to closing is about 30 days, although shorter or longer closings can be negotiated. Every transaction is unique, so I will monitor all of the details very closely, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Remember that I am here to serve you. If you are concerned or confused at any time, let me know immediately. There is no such thing as a stupid question when you are dealing with a large investment like this!

To review, the steps in the home buying process are:

Step 1 - Determine if buying a home now is smart for you.
Step 2 - Get pre-approved for your loan.
Step 3 - Study the real estate market.
Step 4 - Identify neighborhoods you like.
Step 5 - View specific homes.
Step 6 - Pick a home that meets your needs.
Step 7 - Analyze the value.
Step 8 - Negotiate the contract.
Step 9 - Close and move.

Don't hesitate to call me any time you have a question or concern. I look forward to working with you, and seeing you settled into your new home.


Hello Everyone,
Here is the class and event schedule for our Arrowhead office from Jan-March. The schedule includes the Limo Tours we are offering. Please bear in mind the tours are restricted to Real Estate Agents only unless you are a sponsor of the tour.
The Commercial class is on a first come first serve basis as that fills up very soon so please RSVP as soon as you can to reserve your spot as we can accommodate only a certain amount of people.

We Thank You for your business in 2006 and look forward to working as your Partner in 2007. I will be happy to sit down with you and re-evaluate your marketing plans for the New Year as well.

May you have a Happy, Prosperous and Healthy New Year!

Elizabeth Andari
Sales Representative
Chicago Title Insurance Company
Northwest Phoenix & Arrowhead Areas
Direct:(602) 339-6001
Fax: (602) 298-0703

For information on upcoming classes & events see my website at:

Chicago Title Insurance Company
ARROWHEAD Office- Class Schedule & Events

January-March 2007

Wednesday 1-17-07
Arrowhead Limo Tour
Hosted by: Elizabeth Andari, CTIC Sales Rep & A Great Lender!
Dazzle your Sellers with tons of agents coming to see their property!
Leaving the office at 9:30am returning at 12:30pm (duration 3hrs)
Lunch will be served immediately after the tour so stay to eat with us!
Featuring your listings from grids : 317, 318, 321 and 322 W.of 59th Avenue
Email your plano’s to to get on board!

Wednesday 1-24-07
Chicago Agent, Premier Services & Foreclosure Website
Taught By Elizabeth Andari, CTIC Sales Rep
How to do buyer and seller net sheets in seconds- download the program on your PC or Palm Pilot!
Learn how to do CMA’s/Listing Kits for your clients in just two keystrokes with Demographics, Public/Private Schools, Sales Comparables that are updated within days of their occurrence!
You can pull comps, ownership, encumbrances, demographics all on one site!
We have the best foreclosure website around! Learn how to make it work to your advantage including printing labels and mail merge letters!

Wednesday 02-07-07
How to Create Immediate Buyer Business
Taught By Elizabeth Andari, CTIC Sales Rep
Learn how to identify Best Buyer Contact Areas
Structure a Personal Buyer Contact System
Produce lasting results by Goal Setting
Get great new ideas to take your business to the next level!

Wednesday 02-14-07 (Come Enjoy our Valentines Tour!)
Arrowhead Limo Tour
Hosted by: Elizabeth Andari, CTIC Sales Rep & A Great Lender!
Dazzle your Sellers with tons of agents coming to see their property!
Leaving the office at 9:30am returning at 12:30pm (duration 3hrs)
Lunch will be served immediately after the tour so stay to eat with us!
Featuring your listings from grids : 317, 318, 321 and 322 W.of 59th Avenue
Email your plano’s to to get on board!

Thursday 2-22-07 (3 RENEWAL HOURS)
1031 Tax Differed Exchanges - IPX
Dave Tornell, Instructor
· Legal Issues Credited Class
Assist your investor clients with the best financial strategies for their investment or income properties
Learn which properties qualify for exchanges
Learn how to increase your clients cash flow, depreciation write-off and increase their overall net assets

Wednesday 03-14-07 (St. Patty’s Day Tour)
Arrowhead Limo Tour
Hosted by: Elizabeth Andari, CTIC Sales Rep & A Great Lender!
Dazzle your Sellers with tons of agents coming to see their property!
Leaving the office at 9:30am returning at 12:30pm (duration 3hrs)
Lunch will be served immediately after the tour so stay to eat with us!
Featuring your listings from grids : 317, 318, 321 and 322 W.of 59th Avenue
Email your plano’s to to get on board!

Thursday 3-22-07
Due Dilligence –Commercial Class (3 RENEWAL HOURS)
Taught By: Dave Miller, Commercial Sales Mgr. Chicago Title
A Must for those interested in the Commercial Arena
Become an expert on Due Dilligence for Commercial Real Estate
You will be up to speed with new legislation
Learn the Differences between Commercial & Residential Real Estate
Familiarize yourself with the Commercial Tool Box a Great Asset to your business!

CLASSES START AT 9:30 am (approximate duration: 3 Hrs)
It is Necessary to RSVP to
or by calling (602) 339-6001

Classes are held at Chicago Title Insurance Co. (Arrowhead Office)
17235 N. 75th Ave Ste G-105
(Just North Of Toy’s R US on the NW Corner of 75th & Bell)

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Legislation included in the 1997 federal budget made significant changes that improve a homeowner's ability to profit from the sale of real estate. The capital gains tax exclusions on the sale of a principal residence is just one of several benefits for homeowners. When you sell a home you have owned and use for two of the five years prior to the sale, married couples are allowed to keep up to $500,000 in tax-free profits and taxpayers filing as singles can keep up to $250,000 before paying capital gains tax.

Long-term capital gain is also taxed at lower rates as a result of the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act passed in 2003. The maximum capital gains tax rates dropped from 20% to 15% and from 10% to 5%, effective for sales and exchanges taking place on or after May 6, 2003 and through December 31, 2007. In 2008 the 15% rate continues for higher income taxpayers, while the 5% rate for lower income taxpayers drops to 0%, but only for the 2008 tax year. On January 1, 2009, the 10% and 20% rates will be reinstated.

Consult your tax advisor for advice regarding your particular circumstance.