Sunday, June 03, 2007

More Positive MOVES For 'Clients First' in May

We had another GOOD month in May. Added eight new agents and a few million more in real estate sales.

We would like to Welcome Ann Wilson, Lazaro Sandoval, Todd Rhode, Steven Palica, Jeff Kist, Ryan Hightower, Dave Gerhardt, and Glenn Crandall to the CFR Organization. We have a great bunch of agents and we keep getting more. Remember, to send agents to us and collect your $100 referral. Be sure to tell them to let us know that you sent them.

If you are new or not, please take the time to get comfortable on the CFR website (call us, if you need assistance). You will find a tremendous amount of information available to assist you already placed on the site, under the 'RESOURCE' tab and more being added each week.

The new Profit Sharing Program had a good initial start up. We have received in excess of $10K in the first 30 days from enrolling members in the program. This is just another way that you can systematically grow your individual wealth through real estate and share in the growth of your organization. We will all accomplish more as a team. If you have questions, please call Corporate and we will try to get you the answers. Some of the 'Fund Members' requested a 'acceleration vesting clause' be added to the program. The normal earnings vesting period was set up on a standard five years program, per the recommendation from our mutual fund consultants. After reviewing this request with the Corporate CPA's and our fund consultants the following will be added to the fund contract. Once a member's fund deposits have reached $10,000.00 dollars, the member will be 100% 'earnings' vested in the fund and the five year pro rata 'earnings' vesting period will be waived for that fund member.

We are currently tracking for 150 to 200 transactions in 2007 that is presently averaging out to be approximately 45 million dollars in real estate sales for the year. We feel certain this will increase as our agent numbers go up through out the rest of the 2007.

We will continue to email you different CE class information being offered by the different entities (title & mortgage co.) each month. If your licences are scheduled to be renewed in June of 2007 please contact us. By waiting one day and renewing on Monday July the 2nd, you will have a new four year license instead of the existing 2 year license.

Thank you all again for your support and suggestions .... Have a Great June, WMS/DB