Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Help Us Find Agents

First I would like to welcome Anita Taylor to the company. Anita is a full time manager for Desert Schools Credit Union. She also is working on her Masters in Business. Obviously she is staying busy.

We need to put on 100 Agents by the end of the year. Fairly a big task, but I still believe it can be done. However, I will need everyones help to accomplish this. The Company will pay you $100.00 dollars for anyone you send us and they sign up with CFR. We will write you a check or you can credit it to your statement charges. Any Agent you come in contact with, simply ask them if they are considering changing to another Company. If so, have them contact us before making their decision. The faster we get these Agents, the faster we can start planning on additional office locations, fast track training programs and technology improvements.

We are definitely moving in the right direction but need to intensify our efforts to accomplish the necessary outcome desired. Keep focused and THANK YOU all for your help.

Bill Slaughter - Designated Broker