Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Let me introduce Ruth Austin ... Associate Broker / Director of Agency ... Ruth was the Managing Broker for in Scottsdale and comes to us with tremendous credentials plus 20 years in the business.

Ruth will be helping the Designated Broker and his staff at Clients First Realty, LLC in training, recruiting and promoting the corporation.

Clients First Realty, LLC has increased it's size each year and continues to grow while other like companies are closing their doors or merging, just trying to exist.  We have been successful due to the high caliber of agents we have and a ever continuing effort to keep our overhead manageable.

Ruth is currently on a blitz to hire as many agents as possible, both new and used (I meant experienced). She needs your help.  Just get her their names and numbers and she will contact them. Ruth will be calling on you individually to say hi but if you're in the office please stop by the storage room and say hi.

Ariella Rudolph our new Corporate Manager over Admin and Accounting has settled in and has her departments functioning at 98% in just a few weeks and the Designated Broker has been taken off of the suicide watch (the last part is a joke) (you can laugh now) ... She is extremely knowledgeable in Arizona real estate law and procedures and will be a great asset to our clients and agents ... The agents that have had the privilege to work with Ms. Rudolph are already telling the owners of Clients First Realty, LLC how impressed they are with her abilities ... Our gain was Prudential's loss ...

Two great places to keep up on the market is Arizona Real Estate Trends and The Cromford Report ... 

For all the July Birthdays I missed ... here's a Happy Birthday for you ...

I do appreciate all of you and all you do ... Thanks again, Bill